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The garden of my soul


Our soul is like a garden where are planted the most beautiful flowers: Love, Faith, Kindness, Temperance, and Humanity. But if we want to enjoy their beauty, we need to preserve these flowers and take care of them. If we do not do that, the garden will be easily withered and be transformed into a desert, and it will be very difficult to return to life, even if we start to water every day. We need to be careful about what we do and say, and keep our hearts vigilant because from it flows the springs of life. Every time when we are not telling the truth, we let lies to destroy our soul. Acidic rains burn the pure petals of Love. Worms of envy destroy the fragile roots of Humanity. The unbearable cold of desperation kills the fragile flowers of Faith. The terrible storm of anger breaks the soft stems of Goodness. Therefore, one should never let those devastating feelings to be present in the garden of his soul. By doing that, there will always be a clear sky, and the soil will be fertile for new seeds of valuable qualities. The beautiful flowers: Love, Faith, Kindness, Temperance, Humanity will blossom forever. Then the world we live in will seem to be brighter and interesting.

After a cool rain, I am going out to walk through the garden of my soul. I enjoy observing the beauty of colorful flowers and to smell their wonderful fragrance. The wind gently soothes them, and I feel the fresh air, reviving me. I overflow myself by this feeling of pleasure and delight. These beautiful and colorful flowers are many great people that I met on the road of my life. How beautiful is my garden! But one day, walking through my garden I observed that my wonderful flowers are in weeds. Prickly thistles coiled the flowers’ stems. When these weeds appeared in the garden of my soul?   Suddenly I remembered some people that I have not accepted or made me upset sometime. I kept these „weeds” in my garden and I have grown them carefully such long time, fueling them with my feelings of contempt and hatred. How much energy I wasted cultivating these feelings useless!

I will clean up my garden: I will tear all the weeds and I will not nourish more with my negative feelings.  I will forgive all those who where different than I wanted them to be. I will accept them in  the way they are and forgive them from all my heart!

I am happy and free, now my garden is clean and all the flowers are cheerful, colorful and look great!


He is waiting for you!



“Mom, what amazing tree we have in our garden, I did not see it before?” asked  Marry not taking away her eyes from it.  The branches and the very green  leaves made it strongly different from all other trees. “It is your tree,   it is  not simple, it is a gift from God to you”, said the mom.

 Marry woke up.  “Oh Lord, thank you my God,  you heard and answered my prayers”. Tears of joy and gratitude ran from her eyes. It was her sincere faith in God that she asked Him to show her in dream a green tree like sign that  He answered it.  She knew that He promised, and He did.

Two months later returning from medical examination  Marry thought that  this news could change without doubts the heart of her husband and,  of course, he could regret about  his decision. “Mark, can you imagine?    We’ll have a baby”…! – looking  in his eyes said Marry exited.  He kept looking to her. “Really, it is  possible”? – asked Mark hugging her. “Can you still have doubt that God really exist?” – asked gently Marry. In next second he pushed her from himself, and  looking at her with cold eyes that made her  to shudder.  “I don’t want to hear more about that in my house, never, never!”. “Oh Lord, you answered me by my faith,  you made impossible things to be possible and you can to change and the heart of my husband”.  She could not believe that opening her heart for God her husband  closed his heart for her.  Her mind  refused to understand what happened,   and rejected the reality. 

“Oh mom, Mark told me again to choose or him, or God. What can I do and how can I live without him?”,  wept on the  shoulder of her mother Marry.  “Why he cant realize that we have a baby by the grace of God, 7 years we waited for him. And only when I opened my heart for God we received this gift and blessing. He is deaf and blind and does not want to open his eyes”, pouring all her sufferings kept to  cry Marry. “Remember my dear, no matter what happens in your life, just trust  to Lord and He will care and protect you”, tried to comfort her the mother.

One year has passed and Marry was hoping that Mark changed his mind.  She was sorry for him seeing his wrong life and knowing that he did not know about the joy  and peace of salvation. One day she received a notice from the court judge. She was invited to court relating on the divorce asked by the husband. “Oh my God, no, no…”, murmured Marry feeling like a sword pierced through her heart.

“I thought that our child makes you understand your mistake and you leave the idea about non-existing God and stop go to church. Just old and no educated people can believe in  such funny stories but not me, I dont want this Jesus in my house, I don’t like to subject my life to somebody, I live my life like I want”,  cried he with sharp voice. Marry was receiving daily dose of insults and swear-words, more and more the house was turned into hell.

The daughter grew up, she was a blessing and happiness for Marry. Her broken heart  after divorce needed to be heal and God held in control Marry’s life.  She was involved in church work and was active writer for church newspaper. She didn’t know that her Maker would allow to experience another  sufferings, and during of all this time she would see the presence of God, His goodness and love.

„Ah, how many serpents around me in this place, they are so ugly and wriggle around my feet, they come from very dirty river and draw near  to me, I have to be  very careful so they dont bite me” – thought Marry.  But suddenly she saw close to her very  steep and rocky mountain. „I will climb  the mountain, there is my salvation”,   decided Marry.  She started to climb it scratching the knees and elbows. „Ah, Lord, it is so high and impossible to climb. Help me, help me”, cried Marry desperate. In the same moment she felt a power and divine presence, a miraculous power lifted her on the mountain. She could not take off her eyes of what she saw. „Ah, so beautiful is here, what different smell, ah, here is new  sky,  and …new earth?”  That night in her heart took place a new hope.

“Well, I see even divorce did not change your mind”, cried one day Mark. “I decided to sell the house, and I am not going to give you anything, your house is in heaven and I’ll see how your God will help you”. He hate Marry for her received power, he hate her for her new poured life, he recognized that she was stronger than  him and had peace and another type of life, he was wicked to know that all his friends admire her and blamed him for his wrong life, he would kill her and never regret about that but… she was the mother of his child.

Marry was waiting for God’s intervention  but the house was sold in two weeks. She stayed on floor for a long time  looking for an answer, when she heard a sweet whisper  on her ears: “God will take care of us”. This was 4 years old daughter who tried to wipe the tears from her face.

The next four years were very hard for Marry.  Often she worked and during a nights to pay for rent, for school and the  bills. Beside of all  losses, she lost her best friend and helper, her mother who unexpectedly went to heaven. The sufferings made Marry mature person and she had responsibility now to care about her father. She was like clay in her Maker’s hands, Who remodeled  and made her strong and pure.  But sometimes she wanted  to cry and ask the Master “Stop, I am tired, I don’t want more to suffer. I am enough good, and strong, and right. I am good pot now my Maker”. In spite of all sufferings she knew that God is one who loves her, He is not like man who doesn’t keep his promises. She knew that He could change the circumstance in her life, but He wanted to change her and put her on a rock. 

It was her daughter’s12th birthday. Marry was in the kitchen baking a cake for that special day when Mark called. “My little girl, I am so sorry for what I did, I was so wrong and I  regret so much. Listen  your mom and obey her,  she is right in everything. Now, I can’t change anything, is too late”, said Mark  to his daughter with trembling voice. “My dear dad”,  answered the daughter, “I want you to know, that while you are alive and  breathe, nothing is too late. You can still change your life and open your heart for Lord, getting new life and salvation. HE IS  STILL WAITING FOR YOU”! 

It is a real story about the love of God for us, about new life and how important is to follow in our life the true principles. It is real story about a woman, who lived in former country of Soviet Union and during a long time she was searching for an answer.  Being educated on materialist principles and Leninist theories her mind and soul was closed for God.  During    15 years she rejected the true, but one day she opened her heart and mind for her Savior testing how God is good and how patiently He waited for her realizing that God   is real. Looking back she understood that God had in control her life in the most devastated situations of her life. Now she lives with her new family in United State and her goals and desires to tell to people about what God did in her life and how important is to know and follow God’s principles.

Does God speak today?




A question asked since Jeremiah’s and Moses’ time. In the book of Genesis, we read about God speaking to Adam as we would talk to each other. Also in the Bible we can  read about God’s conversations with Abraham, later  with Cain, and even later, with Noah.  We have read about God speaking to different people by different means like dreams, angels, burning bush, Prophets and different circumstances.

I want to share with you just some from a many wonderful experiences about how God spoke to me during my spiritual journey.

Through His Word – Bible.  If we truly walk on God’s Word we will hear God speaking directly to us through it.

 Some years ago I had an invitation to the wedding of my friends in California. Living in Europe it was hard to decide this because I needed to get visa, and the tickets were  expensive. But I had the desire to visit my friends. The night before my interview in Embassy I could’t  sleep. I had doubts about my visa and I felt bad thinking that I spent money in vain. In the morning I opened  the Bible and my eyes were lead to Hebrews 4:16 (NIV) “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need”. I got peace in my heart that God holds in control all my life and desires. Some time after that I spent a wonderful summer with my friends in California.

Through Holy Spirit.  When we accept Christ into our hearts as Lord and Savior of our lives, we  get a gift from God – the Holy Spirit. Jesus told to his disciples: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come”(John 16:13).

Through Other People. God says that He will use His people as “instruments for special purposes” (2 Timothy 2:21). These instruments may be in the form of people through books, TV programs, and sermons.

One day the pastor called us to collect money for a family in needs. I had another plan to administrate the money from my wallet… and my heart was closed in that morning to respond. In the same day it was stolen and I had to lose much more than I could give for the good thing.

Through Life Circumstances.  God often uses to communicate His extraordinary love through life’s circumstances. Did you lose a job? Flight get delayed? Are you sick?  Don’t blame God but ask Him what He might be saying through it all.  Paul says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who] have been called according to his purpose” (NIV, Romans 8:28).

Through Dreams and Visions. There are several points in Bible where it says that God will speak to us through visions and dreams.  The skeptics can say this is not true in today’s Church.

Long time I prayed God use me in ministry and one day after a long walking through valley of sufferings I had a dream – I saw the martyrs who song new song for Lord with diamond crown on them head and hearing God’s voice: If you want be with them suffer all what I have to give you and I will bless you. Later God put me in ministry and He blessed me abundantly.

Maybe you think it happened in past with very simple people, but in such a modern world like today with sophisticated and high technology God does not talk more or maybe you think you are very educated to believe that God can talk to you.Our society tells us that if we hear voices in our head, then we must be crazy.  But Moses was educated in a civilization and his training was designed to prepare him for a high office, or even the throne of Egypt. He was schooled in writing and literary ideas of that time and witnessed the administration of justice. But God spoke to him from a  burning bush and Moses obeyed Him.  God  speaks to us directly  and today. Let us hear and answer Him like Samuel “Speak, for your servant is listening”.