Barnevernet: Anti-Family Terrorism in Norway


Delight in Truth

Imagine sending your two oldest children to school only to never see them again. Imagine law enforcement showing up to your home and removing three more young children, one of whom is only 3 months old and brutally snatched off his mother’s breast.

Is this a scene taking place at the hands of the brutal Islamic State in Syria or Iraq?


Is this a description of Nazi action in 1930s Poland?

Guess again!

This is taking place in the modern, civilized western nation of Norway. The most controversial Child Protective Service in the world (Norway Barnevernet) is terrorizing the families they are supposed to help.

The Bodnariu parents, Marius and Ruth, have been the latest victims of this ruthless system. About 3 weeks ago, their 5 children have been abducted by this governmental agency without warning, and without consideration for things as basic as the mother-infant bond that is so critical…

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